Practical Tips for the Amateur Photographer

Are you scrolling through Instagram and seeing these gorgeous candid photos and wonder how the heck people are getting them? And on an iPhone!? I got you. Below I have simple tips to help you rock your photo game using just your phone whether you're the photographer or the model.

1) Plandids: A plandid is when you act like you don't know you're being photographed for the outcome of getting candid photos. You may have heard of this term or at least you've probably done it without knowing it. Plandids are great for creating more interest in your photos. We have seen the smile and look at the camera photo enough.  

2) One and done? Don't think so.

I always say, "take a bunch". The more to choose from the better and it allows for more opportunity to try different poses / expressions / plandids. 

3) Airdrop: Welcome to your new friend. 

Just swipe up on your home screen to turn on your Airdrop then wait until you see nearby Airdrops and chose the one you'd like to share photos with. It's a quick way to share a large amount of photos and the photos instantly get imported into your photo section so there is no need to save each individual one through a text message. 

4) Angles: photos can make you look better or worse. So when you're taking your plandids instruct your friend to angle a tad down, not a lot, but a little.

5) Lighting, lighting, lighting: do I shoot with the sun behind me? In front? To the side. Just try all four angles, north, east, south, west and see what looks best. Lighting truly makes all the difference from a good photo to a mediocre one. Also, experiment with flash too. 

6) Show as you go: take a bunch then show your friend to ensure you're getting the shot you need. Because we all have different opinions on a good photos of ourselves- it helps to see the photos and make adjustments to be getting the best photos possible. 

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