Interested in blogging for Catapult?

Thanks for your interest in blogging for Catapult. The Catapult blog is a destination for young professionals and the local community members looking for career and professional development advice, lifestyle hacks, insider information on living or working in the Greater Seacoast, and more.

Are we choosy on what we publish? Yes, we are - but, it's for good reason. There's a lot of content out there and we need to make sure keep our readers happy (they appreciate it). If you have great writing skills and would like to share your expertise with a large network of young professionals, community leaders, and business owners, we’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read our guidelines below before you reach out about opportunities.

About Catapult

Founded in 2006, Catapult launched with a simple agenda: to enrich the Seacoast community and help unite and develop young professionals. 

Catapult offers professional and social networking events,  informational seminars, entrepreneurial and career advice, and access to some of the most influential businesses and people throughout the Greater Seacoast. As a result of these offerings, Catapult draws young, talented professionals from New Hampshire and Southern Maine who want to connect with each other, grow personally and professionally, and impact their community.

About the Catapult Blog

We are building a comprehensive resource for young professionals who live or work in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. We publish completely original content that informs, educates, and empowers our audience and members. 

Topics We Cover

Our audience consists of young professionals and leaders who live or work in the Seacoast area. Here's a sampling of topics relevant to our audience include:

  • Career and professional development tips

  • Job search advice

  • Business advice and insights

  • Lifestyle hacks

  • Tips and information for living and working in the Seacoast area (local hot spots, activities, etc.)

  • Upcoming networking and community events and gatherings

Submission Requirements

Effective content contributions are informative, educational, and authentic. We want to read, share, and promote interesting information that offers valuable insight from real people in the community. While sometimes we skew toward professional development and career-focused topics, that's not all we are about. We are also very much interested in publishing most topics that any young professional living or working in the area would care about including job hunting, local restaurants and happy hours, local events and networking opportunities, writing, marketing, buying your first home, paying your bills, and hiring/finding new talent, among other things.

We will only review full, complete posts - not individual headlines or individual concept ideas. Please email us with a summary of your proposed topic and attach the full article for approval. We reserve the right to refuse proposed posts if they do not fit with the blog’s mission, vision, or culture of the community.

  • Guest posters must be subject matter experts or local young professionals who are going through/recently went through the experiences they choose to write about for the Catapult Seacoast blog. Please note: We do not accept guest submissions with affiliate links,

  • We’re looking for new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unique insights. We like to present readers with ideas that we haven’t seen elsewhere online. When drafting your post, ask yourself the question ‘so what?’ What can you offer that will make the reader think? What haven’t they thought of or tried yet? Please read our blog to learn what we've covered in the past.

  • All work must be original and written exclusively for the Catapult Seacoast blog. We will not accept blog posts that have been published elsewhere.

  • Links, images and references must be properly cited.

  • Article headlines must be included. However, headlines may be changed by the editor for SEO reasons.

  • All guest post submissions must include a short author bio (2-3 sentences long; written in third person)

Formatting and Submission

Please submit your post to us below. Please make sure all links are active.

Some things to keep in mind when formatting your post:

  • Bold your headline

  • Post length – 400 to 1,000 words

  • Break up your post by using a bulleted or numbered list or subheadlines

  • Links – The only promotional link you are allowed to include is within your bio (see below for more details). The body of your post itself cannot contain promotional links. If it does, we could reject your post.

  • Include your bio (rules above)


We reserve the right to edit all posts and post titles. For minor edits, we’ll make them without informing you first. On occasion, we’ll send a post back if we think it’s a good topic but could use more work.

What We've Achieved

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